About Me

Hello everyone!  I'm Laura.  I'm a bookworm, blogger, aspiring author, and chocolate lover.  If you have chocolate, I will eat your chocolate.  I love blogging and really, it's like a second job to me.  My main goal is to help authors of all ranges of publicity and to provide honest feedback to said authors so they can continue to improve!  If you'd like to have a conversation, talk about books, have your book reviewed, or anything in between, hop over to the Contact Me tab and send me a message through any of the outlets.  Or, there are social media buttons on the sidebar that will take you right to my profiles.  If you would like to have your book reviewed, please read my R&R Policy.


  1. Hye, Laura! I just tagged you! That means you have to answer some questions! You can see the full questionnaire here:Questionaire Book Tag. Have fun answering! :D

    1. Hey! Thank you so much - I'll get the post up ASAP :)


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